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We are looking for a passionate, creative, and driven Junior Developer who will help our Team Lead (UI/UX Designer & Web Developer) in building new products that will support the services that we're offering at LTVplus and our partner brands.

We are 100% remote.



Minimum 1 year of experience full-time (or 3 years part-time) building innovative applications on
Bubble mastery (logic, not design) is a huge plus.
Experience with back-end and front-end development outside Bubble is a plus.
Noteworthy experience developing on low/no code platforms is a plus.
Database administration.
Comfortable and confident, when needed, interviewing users and studying metrics to identify problems and opportunities.
Structured analytical thinking. Analytical prowess (breaking problems apart).
Superior verbal and written communication.
Driven and self-directed in a fast-paced virtual work environment.
Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
Experience using online tools for project management and communication.



Help build new tools on Bubble to help us deliver services better.
Work with our designs and Team Lead in developing new features.
Create and improve app logic (data sources, workflows, integrations).
Help with engineering decisions on how to build new functionalities.
Build out, refine, and optimize our data architecture in Bubble.
Optimize use of external APIs.
Consistently deliver a stellar end-user experience.
Occasionally learn from users as they use the application.
Communicate effectively and clearly in a remote team environment. Developer