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About Company:

Captain® exists for the distinct purpose of helping policyholders put their lives back together quickly following a natural disaster. We do this by helping their contractor have all the funds necessary to complete the repairs following natural disasters. To date we’ve raised $100M in debt financing from CoVenture as well as $4M in equity from top tier investors like NFX and GGV. We’re in the final stages of completing our Series A financing. The company is led by Demetrius Gray, a former YC Founder from the Midwest which means we believe in building companies that make money. For that reason we’ve gone from pre-revenue to seven figure revenue generation in a few months.

Job Description:


- Minimum 1 year full-time (or 3 years part-time) experience building innovative applications on Bubble.
- Product sense and has an understanding of how to take products from zero to one is a plus.
- Having a Technical, Design or Product Domain Expertise is plus
- Experience with back-end and front-end development outside Bubble is a plus.
- Familiarity with Vanilla/JS and Front-End framework is a plus
- Structured analytical thinking. Analytical prowess (breaking problems apart).
- Driven and self-directed in a fast-paced virtual work environment.
- Noteworthy experience developing on low/no-code platforms is a plus.
- Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.
a good eye for design and UX - not everything has to be pixel-perfect, but we need to avoid false negatives caused by poor UX choices
can synthesize user feedback and prioritize accordingly


- Work with our designs and the product lead to building on our MVP
- Make engineering decisions about how to build new functionality
- Build out, refine, and optimize our data architecture in Bubble
- Optimize use of external APIs
- Create and improve app logic (data sources, workflows, integrations)
- Consistently deliver a stellar end-user experience
- Help the product lead prioritize and refine the product roadmap
- Occasionally learn from users as they use the application
- Communicate effectively and clearly in a fast-paced team environment.

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Software Engineer - Bubble