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LCO is seeking a No-Code & Low-Code Full-Stack Developer to join our ever growing team. The Full-Stack Developer is responsible for organizing and directing the completion of various web development projects for LCO Training Inc. and LCO Firm Inc. services, primarily creating employee portals, in both official languages (French and English). As well as developing a new employee portal and LMS platform using No-Code & Low-Code technologies and automations overseen by the CEO. The role will also include supporting the team in building internal IT infrastructure through no-code research and development.

For client delivery services, the Full-Stack Developer is responsible for the entire web development portion of the project from start to completion, and oversees the web development team to triage multiple, simultaneous priorities and ensure all projects are on time. The developer will work with the LCO Project Manager with proper planning and stakeholder management, as well as ensuring all projects are within budget and scope.

Internally, the Full-Stack Developer will be responsible for supporting all the no-code and low-code development for LCO Training and LCO Firm internal IT maintenance and infrastructure.

Main Responsibilities:

Lead the web development team for website development and custom platforms:

- Build our new platforms and websites with no-code
- Integrate the documents or different content needed for the sites or platforms, as well as test and ensure the installation of the different plugins
- Convert video, audio, written and graphic elements into web compatible formats
- Install the necessary updates to the company's software and hardware as well as to our clients' platforms
- Integration of the training content on our platforms or the D2L platform of our client
- Rework the format of the content so that it can be integrated into the platform and the site so that our content is used online.
- Testing the Quality Assurance, usability and Web Accessibility of websites and custom platforms
- Brainstorm and create custom features, if needed, using No-Code, HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL and/or JavaScript, as required (not a necessity as the Junior Web Developer has these skills)
- Troubleshooting problems with websites and Web servers, as well as all things related to the IT infrastructure of both businesses
- Test and research new web features if necessary
- Participate in team meetings and bring your knowledge to recommend different tools to facilitate the customer experience of our platform.

Leading all web development portions of all projects, from proposal acceptance to project finalization debrief:

- Involvement as a stakeholder in the proposal process to support the design of the trainings and web development portals, and finalize the scope of work
- Reviewing and finalizing the project and team set-up in PM tool
- Ensuring smooth on-boarding and overall customer satisfaction until project completion
- Communicating and controlling time management, budget and scope
- Flagging problems, current and foreseeable, and solve issues quickly and be agile to find solutions, as they arise

Maintaining and proposing new or improved technologies to the IT infrastructure of both LCO’s companies

Analyzing and presenting to management efficiencies and areas of improvement in terms of technologies used, server, etc.

Train and or be responsible for LCO IT staff hiring, training and professional development, as required

Provide business development support for growth


- Bachelor's degree, College diploma or equivalent experience in Computer Science, programming or web development
- At least 1 - 2 years' of basic to intermediate experience using HTML, CSS and/or PHP and JavaScript
- Competent in at least one server-side technology (SQL, Java, PHP, NodeJS, Python, Ruby)
- Ability to multi-task, organize, and prioritize work
- Experience with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Airtable, Softr, Stacker, Bubble, and any other No-Code to Low-Code platforms are an asset.

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Full Stack Developer in No-Code & Low-Code
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