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Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer

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Company Overview:

At Athena, we power possibilities through transformative delegation. True leaders reflect on what they want in life and map out the path to get there. Athena is the path. We offer rigorously-tested delegation coaching technology and an exceptional Philippines-based EA to keep our driven clients moving forward. The result is 10x more leverage, more time, and more impact in work and life.

As a part of the Athena team, you will have an exponential opportunity, empowering the fiercely ambitious to reach the most audacious goals. Our clients are leaders, high-impact CEOs, founders, and execs. They have started 100+ companies, raised billions in venture capital, taken companies public, worked in the White House, invested in Facebook/Uber/ Airbnb, run professional sports teams, were Governor of US states, and competed in Ironman races and the World Series of Poker. As a part of the Athena team, you will have an exponential opportunity, empowering the fiercely ambitious to reach the most audacious goals.

Job Description:

We are looking for a Engineer with extensive experience integrating Bubble with different systems. Our HRIS is built on and acts as the source of truth for employee data which gets fed across most of our internal systems.

High-level Responsibilities:

- Develop quality software, web applications and API integrations using
- Accurately translate and interpret UIUX designs from Figma into, including the configuration of responsive design parameters
- Analyze, maintain and improve existing software & applications
- Design highly scalable, testable, maintainable and well-documented applications
- Collaborate with the data team to make decisions on how to build new functionality.
- Integrate new and existing APIs into the applications (Airtable, payroll software, etc.)
- Create and improve app logic (data sources, workflows, integrations).
- Discover and fix programming bugs
- Extend's front-end capacity with custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript
- Extend's back-end capacity by implementing Plugins, API connections
- Manage software development projects and produce appropriate documentation

Preferred Experience:

- Full-time experience working with (you will be required to show your portfolio of work of demonstrating a deep knowledge of Bubble during the process)
- Experience designing, implementing, and maintaining Relational Databases
- Experience building web applications (any language) or working in a technical business analyst or product leadership role
- Significant experience integrating systems. Experience designing backend APIs and schemas is a plus.
- Experience with front-end development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
- Experience with back-end development languages (e.g. NodeJS, Python)

Senior Engineer