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We are seeking 1+ years experienced Webflow Developer to join our fast-growing team. You will be instrumental in building the website and creating resilient systems for maintenance and improvement. This is a critical and widely disseminated brand touchpoint for our customers, employees, investors, and the general public at large. In this role, you’ll have an opportunity to work with an experienced design team and product team and improve a world-class website with beautiful design and deliberate UI/X decisions at all levels.


- This role will be responsible for maintaining and building our new website on the Webflow platform.
- The candidate will work closely with our design and growth team to create high-quality user experiences and new content solutions for our website
- This role will help build strategic, long-term systems for maintaining and presenting a variety of web content as needed for marketing, hiring, and our general business needs.
- The candidate will have opportunities to contribute to our team and growth potential according to their interests. We welcome new design and UX ideas, analytic testing methodologies, and technical marketing savvy.


- 1+ years of career experience contributing to web projects from design and development perspectives
- General front-end web developer experience and has built multiple websites on Webflow
- Experience building against Figma files and an understanding of Figma tooling
- Web content output experience, compression, and file format familiarity


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Webflow Developer